Key Points of On-Page Optimization Techniques for Better Ranking

The word SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. Now a day SEO is the very popular techniques that used to create more traffic to the website or blogs through getting the high-Page Rank in the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and AltaVista etc.

Every digital Marketing company knows that SEO techniques are changing day by day because of Google day by day update the crawling algorithms like Google Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, PigeonRank Brain, Possum, Fred. Therefore, you need to stay up to date with Google update algorithms, to get more traffic for your websites. I know no one have the time to get update from Google and do SEO for their websites so you should really take help from SEO Company in Bangalore. We already know that SEO is very important for your business.

On-Page SEO techniques are really key points of a websites. On-Page optimization related to internal element of a website which is optimizing to make your website links. In this article we will discuss key points of On-Page SEO Techniques.

Meta Tags– Meta tags are really very important element of On-Page optimization and its play a vital role of website ranking. A Meta tag is tag which tells about the data in the HTML that describes some points of the contents of a web page. Meta tags helps crawler to know that what your page is all about and to display accordingly. We can improve website ranking with the help of Meta tag.

Meta tags are existing inside your html’s head tag.

<head> Meta tag lies between this part</head>

Meta tag consist three important part which I am describing following-

  1. Title tag-Title tag is very important element of On-Page optimization which helps to improve a website ranking on search engine. The idle length of Title tag should Max 70 characters and it should be your main keywords which have to be ranked.

Syntax of Title tag

<title> Title tag Placed here</title>


<title>SEO company in Bangalore | Best SEO Agency in Bangalore | SEO services in Bangalore</title>


  1. Meta Descriptions– Meta descriptions help you and the web searcher to visit your website easily. When you search on. Title tag tells purpose of the website. The Idle length of Meta description is 160 to 170.

Syntax of Title tag

<meta name=”description” content=” Your content 160 character placed here.” />


<meta name=”description” content=”BlueWeltHost provides wide range of USA Single Processor Dedicated Servers with 1Gbps, 100Mbps USA Dedicated Server Hostingnetwork, mainly used for Gaming speed, large traffic websites, with Intel Xeon Series.” />

  1. Keywords-Keywords are the third important element of Meta tag. Keywords consist word phrases and starting from three words phrases will be good for early website ranking on search engine. The Idle length of Keywords should be up to 255 Character.



<meta name=”keywords” content=”your keywords phrases placed here”/>


<meta name=”keywords” content=”Netherlands Dedicated Server, Dedicated Server Netherlands, USA Dedicated server, Single Processor Dedicated Server”>

These three tags make up your Meta tags good for obtaining better ranking on search engine.

The main advantages of Meta tags are that the search engines read them in order to compare if these keywords and the Meta description are related with the visible content. Are your keywords exist in related your website pages? Is your Meta description related with your content of your websites? There is some certain weight in your Meta tags that the search engines crawler see, that being the causes.

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