Some useful Tips on How to Wash baby Cloth Diapers

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It’s a big pain to wash a baby cloth diapers. But just because you have always heard that washing cloth diaper is a damn tough job. There are a lot of million ways to get clean cloth diapers. The only concern is thatthe cloth diaper should not be made up of synthetic fabric softeners.

To be precise I am not aware of your diapers or your wash routine. But these are tips that should make sense for most people and give you a good foundation for a solid wash routine, it would make your life easy.

  1. Don’t be scared of washing cloth diapers. As a mom, you will realize there are many other stuffs that are far worse than washing cloth diapers. Trust me. Also, the cloth diapers are not delicate nor are they made of unicorn hair. Cloth diapers are made of pure cotton fibre…that’s all about it.
  2. Take some time and breathe, then do a little research. You can read the user’s manual for your machine. Its pretty much easy and the best way to clean stuff right? Or if you do not have one then just google your machine model no and brand. Take the info you find, use your common sense and apply on it.
  3. Try to make your wash routine as simple as you can.  If you have a detergent that you already know which works well on your clothing, start with that one but remember it should not contain any synthetic fabric softener.If it works on your clothes, it would also work on your baby cloth diapers. But if not, you can always switch to something else which you find better.
  4. If you have issues with stink or rashes, try adding a bit of detergent to the prewash. I am a surf excel user and add a scoop filled to the one line to a large load during the cloth diapers prewash. This is not something that is not necessary for everyone but it does work in some situations. If you find your cloth diapers aren’t getting clean,then try using a longer cycle for the prewash. Mine is like that. I use the longer cycle for both pre and main washes. This way I find it better.
  5. Use an appropriate amount of water and detergent too for washing.If you use too much water they are just going to swim and if too little water they won’t be able to move and therefore won’t get clean.

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