The types of Cloth Diapers and how to choose best diaper?

The Diaper is one of the most significant basics for a child. You could either go the greenway and decide for cloth diapers or opt for the convenient option which is disposable diapers.

The expectation to learn and adapt to material diapers is somewhat long. There are various assortments to browse and you may need to do a touch of experimentation before you round up on the one appropriate for your little one.

And of course, it is high maintenance too. It needs to be soaked in cold water as soon as it is soiled and thoroughly washed to maintain hygiene without affecting absorption. Our article on best cloth diapers would be a decent method to initiate your cloth diapering journey.

If you are short on time, here is a quick insight into the answer you seek.

How Do You Choose Best Cloth Diapers for Your Baby?

Even if you read the most detailed buying guides on diapers, few trial and errors are necessary before you round upon a suitable brand. So, buy sample packs of 3-4 of best diapers and then test them to identify the brand best suitable for your baby.

The following are the important aspects you have to take care of during trial and error. They are-

Type of Diapers

Tab style or pant style? What kind of diaper should you choose for your little one?
Pant style diapers observed to be somewhat more costly than the standard tab-style diapers. But, they are a lot more comfortable, fit snugly and are less prone to leakage.


Parents will spend somewhere in the range of Rs7-15K or all the more every year on disposable diapers. So, if you realize two brands to be equivalent in consolation and fit, then opt for the inexpensive one by all means. You could also try membership plans or look out for festive deals and offers for purchasing bulk diapers at discount.


The internal center of the diaper is loaded up with Super Absorbent Polymers(SAP) and fluff made from wood pulp and wheat/corn materials. The fluff distributes the fluid throughout the diaper and the SAP absorbs the fluid and locks it away.

Be it environment-friendly diapers like Bambo or regular ones like Pampers and Mamy Poko, every diaper has SAP. There is no conclusive evidence to prove SAP is toxic. Overall, it is believed to be safe and non-toxic.

In terms of absorption, we have found that all the diapers we mentioned in the list below are almost at par.


While the weight shown on the diaper cover gives a reasonable sign of the right size for a perfect fit, you should give more notice to your Baby’s body shape as well.

For instance, Medium size diapers are for children weighing between 7-12 Kg.

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